Terms of Use/Privacy

The data collected in the Shaw Rocket Fund’s Self-Identification Portal, and through the self-identification questionnaire will be collected and managed by the Rocket Fund and stored securely. All data will be treated as confidential information. The data will be used by the Rocket Fund as follows:

  • To follow trends in applications and funding in the children’s media industry in Canada;
  • To improve access to the Rocket Fund’s funding programs;
  • To inform decision-making on future Rocket Fund funding programs and policies;
  • To aggregate and include in Rocket Fund reports along with funding statistics. No individual information will be made public. The data will be anonymized and aggregated before it is publicly disclosed; and
  • As a part of the Board of Director’s investment decisions when reviewing how projects value and showcase equity, diversity and inclusion in an authentic way. Members of the Rocket Fund team and the Rocket Fund Board of Directors may have access to the information if relevant to the analysis of an application.

Rocket Fund’s Self-Identification process will continue to evolve through consultations, community outreach, education, and research.

The Rocket Fund will not share any individual personal information with any third party, unless required by law.

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